Yet another dating sim

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Yet another dating sim

After the jump, what does this have to do with Ironcast’s steampunk mechs?

The game is Hunie Pop, a dating sim in which you play a match-3 to determine whether your dates are successful.

It’s yet another attempt to bolt an RPG and resource management game onto a match-3.

Using a map to pick the next little story you want to participate in also reminded me a bit of Story Nexus, though whether the underlying engine relies on anything like quality-based narrative, I have no idea.

I have a teddy bear I can give her to turn all the purple gems into pink gems, which build passion that makes my matches more efficient.

But until I match enough green gems, I won’t have the sentiment to use the teddy bear.

True to life, with its breadth of "moral" dialogue options, shit gets pretty complicated Fast. Apart from the tagline advertising itself as "a game for the artsy fartsiest generation around," nearly everyone you interact with is entrenched in web culture.

They're either a blogger, programmer, or worst of all, Youtuber.

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Asakura Junichi is a young boy who lives on the island of Hatsune, an island where the cherry blossoms are always in bloom (yeah...). And to make him "unique" and "kewl", he has some special powers, which consist of making sweets with his hands (woooow, cooool-not) and seeing other people's dreams for no apparent reason.