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“With the sugar daddies’ help, I’ve been able to cut down on that to focus on school.” “They make sure I focus on things that are important.They take care of the rest.” Vanessa meets her sugar daddies on the website, dedicated since 2006 to setting up relationships between well-to-do older men and women and young adults who are looking to be supported.After taking her on a shopping spree at Cherry Creek mall, the 62-year-old man sporting a gray suit bought a Starbucks cake pop for Vanessa, 23, and left the mall alone.Vanessa, who did not want her full name used for privacy reasons, describes herself as a “sugar baby” — part of a growing population of primarily college women who are turning to men of means to make ends meet amid soaring expenses.

Personally, I've just about run the gamut on the spectrum since coming to college.

Or, more accurately, the lack of dating in college. Relationships, dating, courting, whatever you want to call it; the fact is, it gets messy in college. In high school it was simple, at least with my friends.

For the past week, when I kept trying to think of a post to write for We Are IU this week, the topic that kept coming up--and with talking to people around me--was dating in college.

If you include all of my close friends or people that talk to me about this sort of thing, we've probably hit just about every single possibility, as I think most college kids would agree.

Some of it's good, some of it's bad, but nearly all of it is confusing.

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