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Encyclopedia dramatica dating

For a while Jonathan was a republican (Read: Normal) and would have continued to be that way forever had it not been for this: I was visiting Jersey City, New Jersey on September 11, 2001.I saw a jumbo jet slam into the World Trade Center. I started reading desperately seeking answers to explain why the world had suddenly gone crazy that morning.Although the article was taken down again shortly after the ED administrators discovered the complaint, Monsarrat decided to move forward with suing the site for a total 0,000 in damages for alleged copyright infringement, citing quotations from archived forum posts and a photograph of him dressed in a beaver costume with Pedobear superimposed into the frame.Zaiger, who described the lawsuit as a “strategic lawsuit against public participation" () carried out for the purpose of silencing one’s critics and enemies with absurd legal costs, has since launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover the mounting fees on We Searchr, where he has accumulated upwards of ,100 of his ,000 goal.Jim Caddick, formerly known as James Caddick, known online as Cuckdickanus is a britfag gamer. There he buys Playstation and Playstation 2 games he never in other cases would have bought. When he does not do this he makes derivative, generic, uninspired and truncated video game reviews and coverages.

The most blatant example of this is that he imitates Jon Tron's swift sudden screaming comments.

Of course, this is purely intentional by the admins, as they don't give a single fuck about you, but are only interested in your money.

The community is composed mainly of 10-12 year olds, "trolls", Columbiners, and online daters.

With this combination of people, the result is a very cancerous gaming community.

The kids in the game think they're so funny by spamming their sad attempts at forcing memes all over the forums, and pretending to be "hackers" who will take over Roblox and hack your account, or some shit.

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In a video uploaded to You Tube, an ED administrator warned that the site may be forced to shut down even if the lawsuit is thrown out unless the legal costs can be covered.