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PIMP, who the shotta them I'm the girl dem sugar, watch them follow him Had the homies come through, 400, that be the block Take yo shit, we going up on the Instagram Higher than a ceiling fan, I'm whippin' bricks in the kitchen I'm flying shit out the window like I was Peter Pan I handle my own shit, I own shit Alone shit, middle finger to the middle man Anybody that can get it when they want it Finger fuck bitches, she gon tell me when she cummin' 50 in this bitch and I ain't asking him for nothin' That's my OG, if a nigga trippin', get to bustin' Mo money mean mo problems If your nigga got the money, we gon' rob him Boy I'm simply, a P.

(Intro chorus Charlie Sloth) You’re not like me I ain’t got a deal but I still got heat I’m not like you – you’re not like me You’re known in the hood I’m known overseas I’m not like you…

And while Rap Genius does a great job of giving us the street-meaning of his bars, I feel as though there are more meaningful lessons we can take out of his lyrics. In fact, that's why you'll hear rappers refer to it as so.

Here's why the “Ten Crack Commandments” isn't just for drugs, but for success too. While he's actually referring to jealous thugs in the street, and the threat of robbery, this “commandment” is a good life lesson. Don't trust anyone in the streets, don't trust anyone in the office, don't trust anyone, anywhere.

Just because you have something, doesn't mean others have to know. After loving someone, the next most powerful emotion you can invest in that person is trust.

People will always perceive the poor man to be hungrier than the fat cat. Here, BIG is alluding to avoiding getting set up in a drug deal, but it honestly applies to deals of any nature. Trust is by no means a prerequisite for business, remember that.

Let me introduce myself, raise them beers, Pressure MC, been doing this for more than ten years, Yeah we made it far, through beats pumping and flows, My bro Rated R props for being the drunkest at shows, And support from my mates who fought for the stakes, Of Oz Hip Hop, props to record stores, I bought from their crates, You see talking it takes less than walking the stakes, So put your money where your mouth is and stop flaunting as fakes, For those who stuck by me over time I put yours over mine, Don’t have to speak your names you know my mind, In this simple game of respect it’s given as it’s taken, Been given props, now respected tracks is what I’m making, Shouts to everyone I met on tour, It’s our Hip Hop ladies and gentlemen let’s keep it pure, So here’s another LP from the Hoods to crank to, Hope you dig the rest of this album people I got to thank you. It’s a swan, I got the shit to bomb MCs back to the Stone Age, On stage, I’ll get you out your seat quicker than road rage, I take them all from beat jackers to backpackers, With tracks fat as fuck, I ran amok on these wack rappers, But then it happened. What I thought could, I screwed all these MCs, yeah? You don’t wanna see me anymore, Oi Suffa you can’t sing, yeah I can’t even hum a tune, But I make this crowd bounce like bedsprings on a honeymoon, Come and do your best but it’s still not good enough, Suff is rough I’m with the… It’d make a married man give up his annual blowjob, You better show something, with Heady no bluffing, On the wrong side of my tracks I smash your Petticoat Junction, In a suffering city I’m punishing the pretty, And if you don’t fucking feel me I’ll crush you without pity.It’s the end of July, and amazingly, Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” is the first new No. A brief recap: “One Dance” reached the top way back in mid-May, and though Justin Timberlake’s irrepressibly cheery “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” briefly appeared poised to dominate this year’s Song of the Summer sweepstakes, it was over before we even got past Memorial Day—“One Dance” spent a total of 10 weeks at No.In their 1931 Tin Pan Alley standard “Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries,” songwriters Lew Brown and Ray Henderson questioned the value of a dime at the height of the Great Depression: “Life is just a bowl of cherries/ Don’t take it serious—it’s too mysterious/ You work, you save, you worry so/ But you can’t take your dough when you go, go, go.” Eighty-five years later, Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler has sung the same sentiment while adjusting it for inflation: “I got all I need—no, I ain’t got cash/ I ain’t got cash/ But I got you, baby/ Baby, I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight/ I love cheap thrills! It also fells a mighty oak, taking the top spot from Drake’s “One Dance.” If you’ve been out and about anywhere in America recently, you’ve probably heard that Drake ditty, too—it’s the moody song about a morose gentleman who’s drinking his Hennessey and cutting a rug one last time before a “higher power” ushers him to the choir invisible. 1 for Sia (who goes by her first name as a recording artist) in a nearly two-decade career as a singer-for-hire, an unlikely scribe of pop hits, and an even unlikelier pop star.

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In most “deals,” two or more parties agree on terms for mutual benefit. Whether in the crack game, or on Wall Street, never lose focus when it comes to your objective.

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